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From: Amy Redek
Subject: College Teacher. Chapter Eight. `Have you seen this?’ Kit asked me as we sat down for breakfast, waving
two sheets of paper before me. I could only shake my head at his
question. `I put this notice up about camping at the weekend,’ which made
me laugh at his choice of title, `and on Sunday there were only eight names
up. Now look! Tuesday morning and there must be at least eighty names
down. They even tacked on another sheet. We can’t handle that many with
only being allowed ten at one weekend. I bet those two little buggers that
helped me have told them about the swimming pool.’
`Or could it be because not only that, but they would get to see both of
us naked?’ I asked with a smile.
`I never thought of that,’ he grinned, `but it would be mid winter
before they all got a chance of swimming. I’m going to see the Dean later
and see if we can increase the number.’
This he did before lunch to both. The Dean agreed to maximum of twenty
at a time with us two looking after them.
`Well I’m not bloody well cooking for twenty,’ I said as we ate our
`I’ve thought of that and I’ll be seeing the cook later. I’ve also got
to go into town and get two more tents and some blankets.’
This he did and the upshot was that a heated trolley would be brought to
the camp for Saturday nights supper and twice for the breakfasts of
Saturday and Sunday. Lunch on both days would be a cold meal and would be
delivered at the same time as the breakfast. Meanwhile, the day passed with
me teaching the sixth and seventh years and I thought that I would be
having the Wednesday and Thursday mornings off, but I couldn’t. I had to
assist in either the gymnasium or out on the playing field. As I only had
seven classes a Lolita Porn Pics week, this only left me with Friday afternoon free, and
this was then taken up by getting other supplies down to the tents for the
weekend. Soft drinks, water, crisps, biscuits, cakes and other little bits
to feed hungry boys after a day out in the fresh air.
Thursday came and after supper, Kit dragged me down to the porter’s
lodge to help carry one of the new tents up to the woods. I Lolita Porn Pics
thought that
was it, but no. I had to help him set up all four tents as well as sort out
the extra bedding. The only consolation to this after the effort was to
have a swim and then fight in the tent to see who could get the most cock
into one’s mouth. Mind you, we were back in our rooms for him to do the
rounds at lights out and then we had a nice leisurely session of anal
sex. The bonus being that having it shortly after oral sex meant that I had
his hard prick up my backside longer than usual, much to my delight.
Friday morning he put up a list of the twenty boys who could go out for
the weekend, keeping them all within an age group and a mixture of houses
but having four older boys to help in controlling them and being made a
tent leader. Come lunch time and I had completed my first week of teaching
but then had the task of getting all the supplies up to put into our tent,
which took up half of our space. But this I didn’t mind as it meant that we
would then have to sleep quite close together, as if we didn’t already.
It was an excited crowd of twenty boys waiting for us at the entrance to
the hall after supper as we appeared and after a pep talk from Kit about
the do’s and don’ts, led them off to the normal out of bounds woods. They
were as happy as larks and I couldn’t help but feel happy too and gave Kit
a warm secret smile.
There were whoops and cries of delight when the boys saw the dammed pool
and the tents and clamoured round us, begging to be allowed to go swimming
straight away. Kit laughed with them and told them to sort their tents out
first and then they could go in. It was a mad rush of flinging their toilet
bags into a tent and quickly undressing and jumping into the water and
queuing up to swing out on the rope. They were delighted and so were we,
Kit more so because it was only through his efforts that they could do so.
`Shall we?’ Kit asked of me and I said yes and so we went into our tent
and got undressed and went back out with our towels wrapped round our
waists. Lolita Porn Pics The frolicking in the pool stopped as we approached and they stood
about in the water watching us and Kit gave a grin and dropped his towel
and jumped into the pool. I then followed suit seeing all their eyes
riveted on my cock and pubic hairs as they had done with Kit. For most, if
not all, it was their first sight of a fully grown man naked showing them
all what he had. There was a lot of whispering between them and a few
laughs and then kept on urging us both to swing out on the rope. I must
admit it was funny to see their rapt faces as Kit swung out, his cock and
balls waving about as he flew out and fell into the pool on his back. They
laughed and cheered when he surfaced and accorded me the same when I went
and did the self same thing. It didn’t go un-noticed either I think, that
we had sun tans over the whole of our body and not have that division of
white flesh like some of the boys had. But after that, our nakedness, like
theirs, became un-noticed in the fun they were having.
We played and cavorted in the water as they did for an hour before
getting out and drying ourselves and then wrapping the towels round our
waists before sitting down on the grass catch-ing the lowering rays of the
sun. As I watched, well, as we both watched the boys having fun, Kit
casually stroked my hand and I got a shiver up my spine at this sign of
affection. A few minutes later, he got up and prepared a log fire inside
the circle of stones and soon had it blazing away.
He then called over the four elder boys, though they were only fifteen,
they were each in charge of a tent, and he then showed them how to light
the lanterns which only they would be allowed to touch in their respective
tents. It was early he explained to me to light them while there was still
plenty of daylight, but it was better that they understood early.
The boys Lolita Porn Pics were allowed to play in the pool for another half hour while
the sun was still up before calling them out to get themselves dried and
warm themselves beside the now roaring log fire. It would have been heaven
to a Lolita Porn Pics paedophile to see twenty young boys climb out of the water, seeing
their young little dicks and cute bums, but I knew that I wanted what I
already had.
Like us, as they had dried themselves, they sat round the camp fire as I
passed round cans of soft drinks and packets of crisps while Kit told them
of the plans for the morrow but stressed that we were still Lolita Porn Pics bound to the
lights out rule and so when they’d finished with their eats, to use the
waste bin bag and see to their toilet before settling down for the night.
With this going on, Kit damped down the fire and we waited till they had
all sorted themselves out as to their sleeping arrangements within their
tents before calling out that it was now lights out time. We watched as
each light was extinguished in the four tents before we went into our own
`Well? What do you think darling? Did the start go off well?’ Kit said
to me as he turned out our light.
`Very well,’ I said. `I think…You called me darling!’
`Yes,’ he said as I felt him settle down next to me. `You are the most
beautiful thing I have ever seen.’ Which was not the kind of word I would
have called myself. `We’ve only known each other for, what, four weeks? But
I’m thinking of you every minute of the day. I want to kiss, touch and
stroke you, and,’ his hand had come and found my face and began to run his
fingers all over it, `then make love to you.’ I reached up and caught his
neck and pulled him down to me and kissed him.
`Then make love to me,’ I said after several passionate kisses.
`I will if I can find a condom,’ he replied.
`Bugger the condom! Bugger me without one! I want to feel you coming
inside me,’ I hissed fiercely at him as I pushed him off and rose up and
turned round on my hands and knees. Though I always started off with my
hands flat on the bed, I found that by lying down on my forearms but still
on my knees and my back arched, I got better penetration this way. Both our
towels had come adrift and I felt his cock back against my thigh as he
moved round behind me. Then I gasped at how rough and tight it felt to feel
the head of his cock being pushed up into my bum. I know I gave out a small
cry at this lack of lubrication and he too did the same, but I think it was
because his foreskin was rolled right back at this dry entry.
But he was in and I felt him swell even bigger and I crooned as he
filled me with his cock and then began to bugger, well fuck me, though both
words mean the same. My own Lolita Porn Pics
internal body fluids now came to our aid Lolita Porn Pics in
helping him to be able move more smoothly and I gave myself up to the
pleasure of being fucked again, though without that rubber sheath. I loved
him even more for doing this without that protection and pushed myself
backwards at his every forward thrust, trying to take in as much of him as
I felt him begin to strain and knew that he was almost there and used my
sphincter muscle to squeeze him tight as I felt every vein of his cock rub
my insides as he moved faster and faster until he gripped me hard and then
began to pump his hips. I felt the jet hot sperm hit me and gave out a cry
of pleasure at having felt this for the first time and at that point, would
have just loved to have Lolita Porn Pics had another man’s cock in my mouth to have his
sperm fill me at the same time.
I cried again as he withdrew and fell forward onto my blanket as I heard
him leave the tent and guessed that he was going off to wash himself from
this connection of his prick with my backside. He was back within a few
minutes and I felt by the dampness of his thighs that he’d washed himself
in the pool.
`Oh darling,’ I said as I pulled him over to me and kissed him. `That
was wonderful. Now you can see to me,’ and I pushed his head and he took
the hint and moved down and took me into his mouth. I was that keyed up
that only a few rubs of my erection and his sucking on the end of it made
me come quite quickly. He took it all to my pleasure and then moved back up
and gave me a wet sperm laden kiss which I savoured as I then licked his
lips in between our kisses.
We woke to the sounds of some of the boys already out in the pool even
though it was still fairly cold at that time of the morning. We
disentangled ourselves from the position we had fell asleep in, not daring
to have sex in case someone came to our tent. Outside, we found that some
of the more fastidious Lolita Porn Pics ones had even taken their toothbrushes and
toothpaste into the water with them. We grinned at each other and ran down
and dived into the water instead of having a wash to wake us up properly,
though we didn’t stay in long because a member of the kitchen staff would
be along shortly with the breakfasts.
After drying and getting dressed, Kit went back through the woods to
intercept the trolley for he didn’t want whoever it was to see all the boys
naked in the water. Fortunately, the path through the woods was flat and
reasonable smooth for him to wheel it through and I shouted at the boys in
the pool to get out and dry themselves and get dressed before eating.
The kitchen had provided a good meal in hot Lolita Porn Pics trays of sausages, bacon,
eggs, fried tomatoes and lots of buttered bread as well as a big urn of
tea. They must have been hungry for there wasn’t a scrap left when they’d
finished. All the utensils were washed up in the pool and put back onto the
trolley for collect-ing when they came later with the one containing our
Kit then showed what a master he was in organising games etc. for the
boys which took them right through to Sunday afternoon. The whole weekend
was a huge success with all the boys thoroughly enjoying it while at night
after lights out, I had the joy of having sex with Kit. The boys also were
glad to miss the Sunday morning church service but we had to get them back
for the shorter one that was held before supper. They also thanked us for a
wonderful weekend and Kit sent two bottles of wine through to the kitchen
staff for their efforts, and so we went to bed together to congratulate
each other on what we had achieved. Next day was the start of my second
week of teaching.

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